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Qui tam or whistleblower actions refer to lawsuits that private citizens bring against a company or individual who is in violation of a government regulation or government contract. In a qui tam action, the whistleblower must possess direct knowledge of the violation that is not already known by the government.

The violation does not involve a minor infraction but is a significant offense, such as fraud or criminal acts. The whistleblower also stands to gain a percentage of the total recovery as a reward for having exposed the crime, therefore helping the government recoup its funds.

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Whistleblowers may bring charges under provisions outlined in the False Claims Act (Qui Tam). Since 1986, actions brought under the False Claims Act have:

  • Recovered more than $12 billion
  • Resulted in the largest recovery to date of $731,400,000
  • Awarded more than $1 billion to whistleblowers

The following are examples of activities that whistleblowers frequently report in a qui tam or False Claims Act filing:

  • Overcharging the Government
  • Double Billing for the same product or service
  • Billing for Services / Goods never provided
  • Selling something and not delivering it
  • Making False Reports about the quality of a product
  • Failing to properly test products
  • Forging Physician Signatures for Medicare / Medicaid Payment
  • Participating in any scheme intended to cheat, defraud, or steal from the government

Filing a Qui Tam action requires direct knowledge of the fraudulent or criminal acts. People who have direct knowledge frequently include:

  • Employees
  • Former Employees
  • Competitors
  • Subcontractors
  • State and Local Governments

Qui Tam Damages and Penalties

An offender found guilty under the False Claims Act usually owes the federal government three times the amount of monetary damages sustained by the government plus penalty fees. Damages may be reduced to twice the damages sustained if the wrongdoer cooperates with the government investigation and turns over all information within 30 days of discovery of the fraudulent or criminal act. A whistleblower’s percentage of total damages generally ranges from 15 to 30.

Legal Protection for Whistleblowers

A qui tam action filed against a wrongdoer is initially kept under seal to not only keep information about the complaint unavailable to the public during investigation but also protect the identity of the person filing the claim. Usually, identity is disclosed when the government decides whether it will intervene in the case.

While there is no assurance for concealing your identity, under certain circumstances, your lawyer can have you voluntarily dismiss the claim without having your identity revealed to the defendant. It is illegal for a wrongdoer to retaliate against you for qui tam actions.

Legal Advice and Representation for Qui Tam

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori, our qui tam lawyers have extensive experience providing legal advice and representation for whistleblowers involved in filing lawsuits against employers or contractors on behalf of the federal government.

Even though you are doing a favor to society by bringing those who commit fraud or criminal acts to justice, you often need legal support for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure the fraudulent act or criminal activity is not already matter of public records or known by the government before filing
  • For protection against employer retaliation
  • To interact with the government if it decides to intervene in the case
  • To protect your rights against other issues that arise during the claim

Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and have authored articles on qui tam. As experienced litigators, we will advocate on your behalf and protect your rights in any qui tam matter.

We encourage you to speak with one of our qui tam lawyers at no charge. We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on whether to pursue a qui tam action.

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